Face Dissolve VHS_1.gif


- The following content is for demo purposes only - Please do not share without permission -

To view 360° videos, please use Google Chrome browser or the YouTube App. While watching on mobile (preferably with a headset), be sure to connect to wifi in order to be able to manually select 2160s resolution. To watch with Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, an external app will be necessary (ie. Virtual Desktop)


This is a rough export of the first chapter. In this version the video starts facing sideways - so remember to look around! If you're on a smartphone or headset, simply move your head; if you're looking from a computer, use the 'w - a - s - d' keys to move the camera (requires Google Chrome).

Properly rendered version coming soon, though this one contains some short renders at the end to help illustrate what the final result feel like.

Here is a full render in stereo - I like the look, but it's hard on the eyes because of the low resolution. Having a higher frame rate (60fps) and a higher sample rate (to have less noise) will improve the experience greatly; but it's going to be a long render!


These are mostly unfinished ideas and small tests that I made while trying to figure out my workflow. I'll keep updating these in the coming weeks!